Young Louts many call “Feral Scum” damage businesses then are chased out of in Leicester City Centre – Public Order Incidents 9th August 2011

At the time of the Public order incidents during the evening of 9th August 2011 St Peters Neighbourhood Monitoring trained all our cameras, optical technology and long lenses on Leicester’s cultural quarter in the vicintity of the Curve and Phoenix Square.

We filmed as gangs of feral youths were chased by Riot Police out of the city centre. We then continued to film principle rat runs into the neighbourhood as the hooded and masked louts appeared on their way home back from the city.

St Peters NM will do our utmost to identify all those we can to the Police so that an example can be made of them in the courts.

It disappointed us bit not surprised are to see so many faces of youths from that St Peters & Highfields area involved in attacks on the businesses and Police in the city centre.

We have extensive video and reserve the right to publish this material at any time we choose to do so.

Here are some stills for now… we will publish many more over the next few weeks as we go through our video.





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