When is a disturbance not a disturbance?

Saturday 9th October 2010 saw the EDL crowd turn up in Leicester for a demonstration.

Never was a group of people more unwelcome anywhere ever than they were in our normally peaceful and harmonious city.

St Peters NM take our work of monitoring and reporting issues, incidents and life in our neighbourhood seriously.

We try to do so accurately without embellishment, often treading carefully a fine line between reporting what we see and being careful not to incite acrimony and strife.

For example four weeks ago St Peters NM received information that indicated outside interest in the location of predominantly Asian neighbourhoods in our city.

Being aware of the upcoming protest planned by EDL who are generally accepted as an intolerant racist group renowned for thuggery we passed the information quietly and discretely on to Leicestershire Police.

We could have published the information but chose not to do so as we felt the reasons for not publishing outweighed  those for doing so. In short we didn’t want the community getting up in arms and alarmed.

Today though when as part of our monitoring the ripples of effect caused within St Peters & Highfields from the EDL and the UAF demonstrations further across the city we noticed very large groups of local youths mostly hooded and masked running full pelt as a mob down Conduit Street in the direction of the route of departure for the unwelcome EDL visitors we set the camera on record and started filming.

Moments later we observed them running back in the opposite direction from fully kitted out riot police with truncheons drawn and helmet visors down. Further down Conduit street in the video we then see equally kitted out riot police on horseback brought in and visors going down as they manoeuvred to bring the mob under control.

Control was quickly brought about… after all a group of unarmed local youths coming up against riot police  with riot shields, helmets, visors, horses and drawn truncheons are no match.

The disturbance never the less took place as is shown by these stills from the video even though Leicestershire Police tweeted rather carefully that not that there was no disturbance but that there were “no reports of a disturbance” which is quite a different matter.


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3 Responses to When is a disturbance not a disturbance?

  1. Jareed says:

    This goes to show that we can’t believe everything the police say.

  2. “very large groups of local youths mostly hooded and masked running full pelt as a mob”.

    This was the community protecting itself from violence. Highfields was not attacked by the EDL, unlike innocent bystanders on Granby St., or the people dining in nearby Big Johns on the ring road. The “mob of youths” should be applauded for having the bravery to stand up to the racist thugs of the EDL. If 10,000 people had occupied the whole of the city centre, the police would not have let the EDL anywhere near Leicester, as happened in Glasgow when the SDL (Scottish Defence League) were hugely outnumbered by anti-racists. This was not a mindless mob, but organised and disciplined self-defence of our community.

    I live on Roslyn St and was proud to say that I was part of those defending Highfields, as a member of the Socialist Party, who supported the local community. I am not a “youth”, nor was I “hooded”, and I don’t think we were part of a “mob”. We have to defend ourselves – relying on the police alone meant that the EDL were able to run riot in other parts of Leicester.

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