Leicester City Council still not repaired vandalised windows after 5 months

Leicester city council still not repaired vandalised window after 5 months

Windows first reported broken by vandalism on the 9th March 2010 at Leicester City Council run Maxfield House in St Peters Leicester are still broken today on the 20th July 2010.

The two broken panes of glass on the internal doorway and a third on a separate partition are in the lobby area of the building which houses 85 separate homes.

Broken by vandal caught on CCTV

The vandal who broken it was in fact caught on CCTV. However, St Peters NM are told the Leicestershire Police have still not been able to trace the person involved after 5 months. We warmly invite Leicestershire Police to share the photo with us so that we can publish it on our website and social networks in order to identify him.

We wonder why Blackbird Road CCTV control room didn’t spot it as it was being vandalised and call the police.

Sets the scene for further vandalism

It looks really bad and sets the scene for further vandalism. Additionally, Leicester City Council does not seem to understand that it is simply unacceptable that glass that forms part of the entrance and lobby partitioning should remain broken and in disrepair for so long.

For the residents who live in Maxfield House it really does make people wish they could live elsewhere, where their visitors, family and guests didn’t see such poor upkeep of the building in which they have their homes.

Leicester City Council takes a lot of money in Rent from 85 homes. Why is it that the glass has remained like this for so long especially as residents sent repeated reminders to the local Housing office about the condition of the building?

“They are queuing to get in…”

Only last week Ella the Housing Manager was telling St Peters NM that there is a waiting list to live here. Surely with such poor maintenance standards and performance Leicester City Council is doing its hardest to ensure that there is also a waiting list to get off of this estate.

Are there issues in your building or home here in St Peters, Highfields, Leicester that has remained unresolved for too long?

Please let St Peters NM know.

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