‘Out & About’ in St Peters – Highfields, Leicester 1

Out & About in St Peters – Highfields, Leicester.

We are pleased to launch this new series of fascinating photography showing people ‘Out & About’ in St Peters & Highfields in Leicester through our fly on the wall look at daily activities & interactions of some of those who live here along with those who visit this neighbourhood.

St Peters NM Team members will add to our ‘Out & About’ Gallery on a regular basis so be sure to bookmark this and check back frequently.

Why not send the link to all your friends and share across all your social networks too.

Out and about in St Peters Highfields Leicester

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46 Responses to ‘Out & About’ in St Peters – Highfields, Leicester 1

  1. Chris K says:

    Christ almighty… is this about what I think it is about? A Drug Dealer? He looks like one although I dont see much bling.

    How do you get the photo’s? It like your right next to them. You can even see the printing on the loot lol.

    Are you allowed to publish this stuff, surely its like vigilantism ain’t it?

    Did you phone the police?
    How many more of these you have to publish? How long were you photographing them?

    • stpetersnm says:

      He is just someone we photographed whilst ‘out & about’ in St Peters \ Highfields Leicester.

      We just used a normal camera. We were not far from him.

      Yes we are allowed to publish photo’s like this that we take in our neighbourhood.

      No it is not vigilantism. We are merely publishing photos of people we see out and about.

      In no way is what we do intended to be punitive in anyway as it is there merely to inform, illustrate and report what we actually see, no more and no less.

      We don’t make assertions or allegations of any type as to the nature of their activity or interactions.

      Anyone who asserts this is vigilantism has not taken time to familiarise themselves with our work or indeed our methods.

      You asked about police. Actually now that you mention it we vaguely recall the Police did happen to come by and for some odd reason the man photographed here ran like the blazes through the neighbourhood, abandoning his bike and rather oddly discarding the bag containing the cash as the police ran in the same direction to which he ran seconds previously.

      They must have just all been going in the same direction very fast for some reason.

      It really was most strange.

      Nope, definitely have no reasons to believe he was involved in drug dealing.

      We have nearly 3 TB of media of people ‘Out & About’ going back nearly 3 yrs.

      Thanks for commenting Chris. I hope that answers all your questions.

      Please tell your friends and family about this blog.

  2. MR of Liverpool says:

    If I am not mistaken, I believe I know what you are doing and why you are doing it in the way you are. And if I’m right then your whole strategy is extremely clever and nothing short of brilliant.

    I read in between the lines what you replied to Chris K and can see you are rightfully careful not to make assertions or allegations.

    The photo’s are enough for us to see for ourselves anyway.

    Here in Liverpool we have extremely serious problems in our neighbourhoods of people as you put it “Out and About”.

    We can see them “out and about” every night and day, 7 days a week and the police are not here when we need them. Someone here should do an “Out and About” website also to show who they are.

    I have sent your website and blog links to my sister here who chairs our local residents group and will mention your site at our next residents meeting myself anyway.

    By the way, you have misspelt “neighbourhood”. It has a U. {Am an English teacher} :o )

    Again, very well done. Keep up the good work.

  3. stpetersnm says:

    Thanks for taking time out to comment. We get a lot of criticism at times which does not put us off of course but is nevertheless concerning that we have perhaps failed in some way to accurately communicate to people about our work and motivations.

    “Assertions and allegations”? We have no reason to think they were doing anything about which we could make an assertion or allegation. They are just local people and visitors to this neighbourhood who are out and about their everyday business. ;) .

    If you need advice about templating what we are doing for your own neighbourhood we don’t mind speaking to bona fide neighbourhood groups and even coming and talking to you as what we do is extremely technical at times and creatively involved.

    There is also an awful lot of legal considerations about which we have consulted over a 2 year period that we could share with you.

    Every neighbourhood is different… with some neighbourhood throughout the UK lending themselves better to our methods than others.

    Our advice for you and anyone else is to consult us before doing anything like this in your own neighbourhoods.

    Sorry about the spelling mistake ‘Sir’. PC was set on US for spell checking.

  4. MR of Liverpool says:

    Oh, it is Mrs not Sir. :)

  5. Alan Smith says:

    You are providing a valuable service to your fellow neighbours. Usually everyone keeps themselves behind locked doors, but what you do is bring people together, so that as you pass them in the street, you can greet them with a smile and say ‘I liked your picture on that web site I saw the other day.’ Get to know people better is what I say!

  6. Matt Moran says:

    We could do with some kind of guide as to how to set up similar monitoring groups elsewhere. I live in Birmingham, & we have the same kind of problems here as you do. There’s a park near my house which is continually being littered & vandalised, life belts thrown in the lakes & the like. There’s a group who campaign to try to get the lakes cleaned up but there’s also a number of groups of youths who congregate in the park after dark & by morning it’s all messed up again. What’s the best kind of equipment to use? D’you use hides / concealed cameras in bags etc?

    • stpetersnm says:

      Hi Matt… yes it sounds as if your area would be ideal for a form of neighbourhood monitoring to be rolled out there also.

      Do you have residents homes who are discrete and trusted that can be used as observation vantage points?

  7. Imran Siddiq says:

    Well done!
    Keep it up and I hope others take on your ethics and do the same to “keep an eye”…. only by doing that can we make streets safer!

    • stpetersnm says:

      Hi Imran…

      Yes your point came up in conversation this evening with the feature writer for the daily mail who said “what if there were 10,000 neighbourhood monitors in inner city neighbourhoods and towns throughout the UK equipped and teched up as we are”.

      An awesome thought we must admit yes?

  8. J. Stocker says:

    Blooming brilliant! Was trying to find out about the recent hose pipe ban story in the Mail and stumbled upon your eye catching photos! As a person who loves liberty and free expression I salute your endevours! Keep it up, modern society seems to encourage fear and insular behaviour which gives these people who love to be “Out and About” so much free rein. Will pass this on!

    • stpetersnm says:

      Thanx J for your taking time out with your really supportive comment. Yes please pass on the link to our site and blog.

      Also you may follow us and talk with us on twitter as well as here of course.

      We hope you eventually found the hose pipe ban info you required.

  9. jim says:

    fucking bullshit find something else to do with ur life arse holes

    • stpetersnm says:

      We take it you are perhaps one of those who like to go “out and about”. Be ready for your close up.

    • Trevaria says:

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha… Thank you, that was very funny. By the way Jim, do you think the people who are ‘out and about’ have a life? From the photos it looks very dull, very boring and filled with useless rubbish lying around that’s good for nothing and looks ugly and unpleasant.

      To the ‘out and about’ team: Great work you are all doing in Leicester. You make me feel hopefull that others still care about their country and want to see the rubbish cleared off the streets and neighbours building their communities back up. Your ‘out and about’ photos are great – is there any way of donating to your amateur photography group?

      • stpetersnm says:

        Hi Trevaria

        Yes we really hope that the publicity JDAM about the work of St Peters NM and the issues in our neighbourhood really does bring about permanent and profound change in our neighbourhood and enables us to work to template what we do out across all the other blighted towns, cities and communities around the UK.

        Many people still do not get what we are about or what we are trying to do. Because of this… too much focus is on the technology and the legal considerations rather than the grand vision.


        You mention donating. Actually, funding is a critical choke point for us as an unconstituted organisation and the lack of means we can not do much that we currently want to do.

        To be honest this is something we have not considered or prepared for so I will have to get back to you on how we can accept donations whilst remaining anonymous.

  10. Tim says:

    I think that you have established a highly effective tool to clean up neighborhoods. If this is copied around the UK, it could lead to fundamental social change. Well done, and please keep up the good work. This is what big society and small government is all about. BRAVO to you.

    • stpetersnm says:

      To template this across the UK is something we would certainly Like to do with perhaps the right partners.

      There are essentially 3 components to our work.

      1) Surveillance
      2) Digital Media Production
      3) Publishing and Publicity

      Each element is vital but the 3rd element some people find controversial laying us open to the label as vigilantes.

      We recognise that what we have created here ticks many boxes that nothing else delivered by local authorities or the police currently does. But we also recognise that there are significant boxes that it does not tick and we are we admit uncomfortable with that fact however feel it important to pilot and press on with trialing this approach.

  11. tim says:

    well done and very brave, Q- why cant the police do this?

    • stpetersnm says:

      Police are restrained apparently by RIPA, which controls how and when they may carry out surveillence.

      Also because they are a statutory organisation they come under DATA PROTECTION more than us who have remained unconstituted so as not to be constrained by these laws on the whole.

      Any surveillence along the lines of what we do would need to be signed off by a senior police officer and is subject to scrutiny. They would need compelling reasons to justify it on a general ongoing basis.

  12. Charlie says:

    Top effort on your ‘out & about’ feature. Every town in this country could do with similar group. I have done similar pictures in the past but your organisation seems a much better way to combat problems encountered in today’s troubled society.

    • stpetersnm says:

      Hi Charlie… thanks for taking a moment to comment here on our blog…

      Yes I agree. If what we did was templated out across the toughest neighbourhoods around the country it would be a significant advanced for community safety and indeed law and order.

      St Peters NM are willing to consider working with any gov dept or organisation to explore the possibility of doing that.

      What we are doing is totally innovative and cutting edge… there is no rule book for it. We are using Digital media and social media in conjunction with high tech surveillence in a way that puts us out on our own ahead of anything happening in any community anywhere as far as we are aware.

      The digital and social media elements and amplification are important… its not just about camera’s and surviellence.

  13. tim says:

    I understand there are laws within the law on what police can do, but come on this is drug dealing, gbh, abh, carrying knifes, what else do they need to put surveillence on this,the only time they will act is when someone gets killed and then its to late!!

  14. Kim says:

    My husband is originally from Leicester and I have driven through some of the estates and seen this ‘out and about’ behaviour….

    VERY interesting!

    Well done on ensuring people can see your little ‘community activities’.


    • stpetersnm says:

      Hi Kim…

      Where is he living now?

      I suppose a lot of people left this area who would be pleased that something is now being done to improve it here.

      We really do have our work cut out with the Outer & Abouters but feel this just make be an answer.

      This neighbourhood this time of year is a stunningly green and attractive place to live.

      We have done a lot to stop people littering and flytipping so if ever he feels like a trip down memory lane, this time of year is a great time to do it.

      Parts of highfields are still litter blighted though but we trying to get those cleaned up.

      Great trees here this time of year… see http://stpetersnm.co.uk/?p=380

  15. Dave says:

    Haha! Genius :) Saw this site on Sky News website. Keep it up folks, I think it’s a really great thing that you’re doing, ignore the criticism (if any). I think the only people that can say negative things about what you’re doing are the people who are in the wrong anyway.

    • stpetersnm says:

      Hi Dave…

      Thanks for commenting.

      Actually the negative criticism can be quite elaborate and subtle. Local agencies not wanting to admit that we just may have done something that they have failed in generations to do saying things like “it does not seem to have had much impact” yet drug dealing has not been seen here for over a week and that has got to be a first.

  16. Dave says:

    By the way, you should stay hosting the site in the US or basically somewhere not in the UK else people could ask for it to be shutdown and your web host may have to comply. By keeping it out of the country this is way less likely to happen. Keep up the good work!! :)

    • stpetersnm says:

      Thanks for those comments Dave.

      We have considered and have contingencies in place to fire up shadow websites at a moments notice in the event of legal issues. However for the reason you stated and others we are already hosting it within US rather than UK.

  17. Trevaria says:

    GO PENSIONERS !! I’m beyond happy for you all. Isolation is so debilitating, the powerlessness is hard for others to comprehend. Top marks for banding together and doing something about it. United we stand…

  18. Fighting racism in st peters says:

    I know highfeilds very well and find it intresting that the population are 70% asian but not many photos of them fly tipping spitting and also many other thing must be only the black youths in the area what committ crime.
    Also the photos with the knives has a back ground story that has been not reported for some reason it stems from groups of grown men engaging in beating up teenagers usally the black youths of the area. As they are growing older they probaly have had enough of being chased around by gangs of men the police are aware of it and the people (the police) who run this website are aware of this but dont seem concerned with this type of crime. I have no problem in people being exposed for wrong doing but the fact that your trying to say the only crime in highfeids is just racism. P.s some of the people on your site have been convicted and served thier sentence but i suppose its ok for them to carry on being punishishd suppose they have changed and want to move forward away from that life style hardly likely to be abel to get a fresh start with there photo on the web

    • stpetersnm says:

      “Fighting racism in st peters”… Ref accusation that our publishing is out of step with the demographics of the neighbourhood. For the benefit of people not familiar with St Peters in Leicester our neighbourhood is probably 85% asian. 6% white 6% black 3% other… (at a rough guess).

      We have 2 issue galleries that we recognise as galleries targetting issues.

      1. Litter Louts. see
      2. Irresponsible Dog Walkers. see

      Take a look at those and then tell us that blacks are being targetted out of proportion to the demographics of the neighbourhood.

    • stpetersnm says:

      “Fighting racism in st peters”… You mention something about a photo with knives. Am not sure what photo that might be. Can you reply with the link to the photo.

    • stpetersnm says:

      “Fighting racism in st peters”… Are you saying that you believe the police run the St Peters NM blog site?

      St Peters NM , its websites and all of its social networks are run by local residents or sub contractors such as website designers or digital media producers at the behest of residents.

      The Police nor any other agency has any editorial or strategic control of St Peters NM or our publishing.

      In fact the police and local authority are very uncomfortable with our work as we frequently publish material that draws attention to what may or may not be performance issues in those organisations.

      We have a businesslike relationship with both these organisations and so try not to criticise them in any other way than constructive.

    • stpetersnm says:

      “Fighting racism in st peters”… You say that “some of the people on your site have been convicted and served their sentence”.

      1. Which people?

  19. Joyous says:

    I’d like to congratulate you on this operation! Yes it may be perceived as “vigilantism” but I think that it is about time that communities started to stick together and find creative ways of tackling issues.

    I live just up the road from you and I am heartily sick of the groups of young males who think it is terribly clever to sell drugs, intimidate people and attack shopowners.

    I am sick of feeling frightened every time I step out of my house and I am very very bored of seeing drug deals being conducted in broad daylight and then just for good measure hearing the the deals take place underneath my bedoom window at night time.

    I am fed up with looking at (mostly) young people who lack brains and role models wasting their lives. It makes me sad.

    I’d like to see “Fighting racism in St.Peters’” respond to your comments please!This is an emotive sunbject and discourse is good! Well done Sir and Gorgeous Grannies!

  20. Fighting racism in st peters says:

    Joyas im sorry your scared to come out of your house but unfortunetly you are going to be even more scared now the national right wing media have dubbded it KNIFEFEILDS the sun sky news so good work st peters monitoring perception of crime is always worse than actuall really what is happening. If you can actually see and hear drug dealing going on why dont you phone the police while the crime is being commited? and these people who are making you scared what are the doing to you that you are frightend? if its a crime call the police how is putting up random people up to know good on the internet going to solve your problem? It aint sorry but its a mind trick if the police patrolled the estate the way they should your problem might be solved. To answer you point that your coverage of crime is not biased come on who you trying to fool fly tipping is so rife in st peters and highfeilds that some people think its there right to dump tv chairs tables anything wheres your photos you can go in to many shops and buy fake fags fake dvd counterfit products wheres your photos people spitting like thier life depends on it whers your photos the countless places where there are groups of asian youths smoking drugs and engaging in all manor of antisocial behaviour some of it in childrens play grounds where are your photos? Your monitoring us but whos monitoring you how does any body know if your doin this without prejudice and in a fair mannor as you said 86% asians but most of your photos seem to focus on what crimes a certain part of the community commit while ignoring every other type of crime that happens in the area. You dont have any kind of office in highfeilds or st peters as far as i know you dont even have a phone number. Oh your asking me about who has convicted of a crime well the some of the pictures you had up i reconised one person when i was in st peters and asked what he thought those photos were over a year old and he had served rightfully for commiting crime over ayear in jail and some of your photos looked alot like the ones that the police servaliance team used but you dont have nothing to do with the police. another point hope there are not more vigilantes more extreme than you lot who might think its ok to attack people because they think they might be criminals i did not realise that part of his sentence was to have his photo after he had seved his time on the world wide web. Oh my mum is a pensioner and has no problem walking in highfeilds or st peters day or night like the vast majority of residents in any community criminals are always the minority the majority of people no matter what colour they are your website does nothing to enhance life in the area it only serves to worsen its reputation . Sorry to go on but there were photos on this sight which showed someone with a knife its not on there now. But keep up the good work trying to stigmatise black people. Goerge orwell said of this type of thing if you want to see the future of peoples rights in the future imagine a big jack boot stamping on some ones face the face are peoples civil liberties by the way i thought if you are going to be filming people that you should have some kind of warning that you might be being filmed seems like you should be on your own web site lol

    • stpetersnm says:

      Mr “Fighting”… Have never seen the phrase ‘Knifefields’ in any press. Where did that phrase occur?

      The story the press put forth was generally positive and was received as positive as per our postbag, blog comments and comments in online news sites. Hence why many community groups around the UK are contacting us to replicate what we are doing.

      There was no way of doing what we did in a clinical way. We put the facts of the matter to the press and they get reported how they get reported. It is not unusual for certain press titles to slant the story to suit themselves.

      We are not responsible for that and will not stay quiet because of it when it suits us to broadcast an issue from the high rooftops as loud as we can.

      We have said before and we will say it again that sweeping Leicester’s issues under the carpet has never served this city well in the past and will not do so now.

      If we feel we need to create publicity over a small local issue then we will do so.

      Our main issue was with the persistent and continuous drug dealing in St Peters & Highfields. We needed to send out a message loud and clear that if people deal or buy drugs in this community, we will put images and video of their interactions and activities out of the dark shadowy walkways and concealed doorways where they carry them out into the bright daylight on our website and across all our social networks.

      We don’t care what colour they are, and refuse to tiptoe round demographical considerations.

      If we film a 100 drug dealers and they are all black then there will be 100 black drug dealers on our websites and social networks. It is as simple as that.

      But as yet we are yet to be told where we have a gallery that shows people involved in issues here that is demographically unbalanced according to the area. We invite you to show us a link to such a gallery.

  21. Just had a look at the photos what you directed me to lol dog walkers what a massive problem in st peters there are about 8 dogs on an estate of hundreds of people as you know and i know you dont see many asian muslims wich is the majority with dogs you really need to make a whole section about dogs who is that aimed at once again i say i have got know problem with you exposing wrong doing but you are straight up bias with what you choose to focus on and i ask you again are you saying there are places in highfeilds or st peters where there are gangs of asians taking part in crime and anti social behavior?

    if so how come you havent got any pics how come that there are more of these places but there not the focus of your MONITORING if you really want to clean the place up lets see you get round to all these places i didnt see ant photos of the asian person that opend a pool club wich was exploiting post code gangs by naming the place le2 lounge and is all you had there young people of all colours in the kids playground next to there taking drugs where was your condemnation of that it was knowere.

    • stpetersnm says:

      Mr “Fighting”… Don’t assume we are all white as you will be quite mistaken.

      You still have not told us what gallery or web page it is that shows photo’s of all black people as you imply.

      We asked you to look at the litter lout gallery also and we note you have not commented on that.

      As regards the dog walkers gallery there are 2 photo’s in there that show both black people. Not because we were targeting black people but purely because we were targeting any dog walkers who failed to clean up after their dogs.

      We are not going to remove them because of any demographic imbalance as we don’t work by demographics but by who we manage to film and photograph blighting our neighbourhood.

  22. Oh yeah your history of highfeilds you police have got on your site is total rubbish the riots that happend in the area and every other area with a high black population were because the people could not take any more persicution it was against authority not against other races nothing like the riots recently up north wich were about peoples colour.

    In old highfeilds our bond was we were all poor and working class no matter what colour it was not organized on what religion you are like now

  23. You also seem to be proud that that the daily mail came to interveiw you one of the most right wing papers that you can get at least three times a week thier headlines are boardering on the racist wethrer about muslims immigrants or black people commiting all the crime in the country but at least you get your five mins of fame.

    I wonder what you would think if people get hold of photos of you lot and put them on the webb remember in this country even if you assult children they dont put photos of you on the web when you have seved your sentence.

    • stpetersnm says:

      Mr “Fighting”… If you were to check you would see that we were not just in the Daily Mail but almost every single major national newspaper in the UK. As a very small neighbourhood group without a penny in local authority funding we are extremely proud of the fact that we are able to punch well above our weight when it comes to publicity in whatever main stream press publication.

      Three years ago Leicester City council tried to sideline & silence St Peters NM and today in 2010 we are more amplified than any community group in the UK let alone Leicester.

      Add to that, that from our post bag and comments that are pouring in, we hear from residents here how ‘reassured they are someone is watching their backs’ and how other community groups throughout the UK and further afield are increasingly consulting with us. That we are also proud of.

  24. Joyous says:

    Wow, thanks Fighta (if I may be so bold!).

    You make some good points , that I’ll certainly be mulling over. In response to your question, I do call the police, but with them being so overstretched etc it makes it difficult to see any change. Besides that I am frightened of getting into the habit of ringing all the time!

    I love Highfields and have lived here a long time, thus watching the change in demographics and “occupations” has been interesting.

    My observation has been that all of these activities are being committed by all racial groups. I feel extremely sad that such a brilliant place is being called”Knifefields” and would urge people to take no notice of the biased right wing Sky news.

    I think that this site has been started out of frustration and fear and needs to be careful that it doesn’t turn into a small minded concept that gets abused.

    It saddens me to think these young people (the ones I’m thinking of) have no sort of aspiration or role model, and accept these roles so readily. Is that what they dream of, is this what their parents wanted for them? I understand that persecution , inequality and poverty have parts to play, but personal responsibility and ethics must come into this.

    Why is it acceptable to attack people in the street? Why is it ok to deal drugs in public? Why is it ok steal/burgle?

    Why is it ok to attack shopkeepers who are trying to earn a living and support their families?

    Why is it ok to frighten people? Why is it ok to pull knives on people?

    Would these perpetrators want their friends and family to be a victim of someone similar? Why do people want to live in the gutter?

    People know the difference between right and wrong- it’s how they deal with what they ‘ve been through that makes the difference. I get upset that this is Highfields’ legacy!

    Yours, Joyous

  25. D P says:

    I think this highfields monitoring group is fantastic and the work they are doing is exceptional, by aiding the police with their investigations. Since the story of this group entered the newspapers and news programmes, I just felt a sigh of relief that someone had decided to take this matter of drug dealing and anti social behaviour into their own hands.

    Contacting the police is utterly useless because as soon as the dealers on the corner see the police driving up the street, the dealers scarper and the police have to trace more information from local people regarding the description of these dealers. Would it not be easier if there were cameras placed in the vicinity, so police could use the video footage. I have been trying for a number of years for more surveillance to be placed within this vicinity in leicester but there always seems to be a problem, whether it be funding or ‘lack of crime to merit a camera being placed in the area’. We have been warning the council, the police and others about future violence, yet they failed to listen to our warnings and would you believe it, the corner shop close to where I live was the subject of an attemted armed robbery, that consisted of up to 20 masked teenagers carrying knives. I believe it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously injure or killed in this area before a camera is installed.

    Why do people insist on taking action after a crime has been committted rather than taking action before a crime is committed.

  26. jj says:

    I think this site is genius. It is a real shame that the local schools are not involved more closely with St.peters monitoring. I know a lot of the faces on your site, mostly Students ( or ex students) of the local Secondary School and a few parents/family members ( yes, really) of pupils at a local primary school……I think it would be helpful to your campaign and the community as a whole for all areas of our community to get together and fight this plague of litter and anti-social behaviour.
    Good luck and keep up the good work !

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