Trees in Highfields & St Peters, Leicester

St Peters & Highfields Leicester is a really green place to live and to prove it, on this post from time to time we hope to bring you photo’s of as many of the wonderful trees and shrubs¬†we have here.

Horse Chestnut Tree on Lincoln Street Leicester


Lincoln Street Leicester - Stunning Horse Chestnut in full blossom

A stones throw away from St Peters Health Centre on Sparkenhoe Street in Leicester in fact just over the road in nearby Lincoln Street during the months of May to June you will find in flower one of the most stunning trees in our neighbourhood.

Lincoln Street is on the edge of Leicester’s South Highfields Conservation area. One of the oldest neighbourhoods in the city with properties going back to 1827 but generally the 1870′s.

The Victorians and Edwardians, even the masses of the working and merchant classes of Leicester who lived in this neighbourhood took pride in their area enough to introduce wonderful and stunning trees.

Many of the trees we have in Highfields Leicester are direct descendants of those trees planted by the early residents here.

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