Cycling & Crashing Under the Influence in St Peters, Highfields, Leicester.

In recent months St Peters Neighbourhood Monitoring has witnessed an unusually high number of cycling accidents within our Leicester neighbourhood.

On the evening of the 8th June 2010 at about 20:30 the noise of bird song was broken by a crashing sound of someone colliding with a metal fence very hard.

The accident we witnessed was particularly bizarre.

A youth cycling down a perfectly straight road, [actually we mean perfectly straight footpath], suddenly veering off into the direction of metal railings.

Clearly dazed and perhaps more than a little concussed, the cyclist who was wearing no helmet tried to cycle away but had to stop in order to recover himself. Bent forward with his head resting on his handle bars he regained himself enough after a minute or so to move off.

People further up the street walking in the opposite direction who had heard the bang of him crashing into the fence had stopped to look round and shout, asking if he was ok.

He did not reply. When he did try to cycle off after a further minute or so he realised his front wheel was severely buckled and would not pass through the forks any longer.

He left the vicinity of the accident dazed, limping and pushing his bike with the front wheel off the path.

We had witnessed the fifth cycle accident in the last ten days. Because of this we have decided we ought to raise the question if rampant drug use in St Peters and Highfields is in someway implicated in this sudden rise in avoidable cycling accidents.

We are also more than a little concerned that many of these accidents are occurring on footpaths. Indeed one cyclist narrowly missed pedestrians and collided with some bollards near the local library.

Another cyclist who crashed did so because his trousers were so low they seemed to interfere catastrophically with the operation of his legs, finally getting tangled in the pedals and throwing him off onto the road.

With drug use rampant and so many youths cycling on roads and footpaths here, we are wondering if there is the makings of a serious accident here in our neighbourhood.

Photographs to follow.

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