Litter Lout 56 Filmed by St Peters, Highfields, Leicester Residents

Litter Lout 56 filmed by residents of St Peters Highfields Leicester

Litter lout 56 filmed by the residents of St Peters, Highfields, Leicester.

He had been to the shop and bought a roll and returned to his car parked within sight of 3 of our litter cams to eat. Sitting in his car, he finished eating and intead of putting the bag in the nearby litter bin just four feet or so away from him, he threw the litter underneath his car thinking no one was watching him.

Well three St Peters Neighbourhood Monitors all working together, all local residents with high tech video equipment, filmed him from three separate directions.

The residents who are members and participants of Neighbourhood Monitoring believe that by identifying those who trash the environment in our neighbourhood with litter, that we can make St Peters and Highfields a better place to live, study and work here.

For that reason, we publish images of litter louts throughout the whole of the Internet on our websites, blogs, YouTube, Flickr and many other social networks.

For that reason we invite people to look at the photo and to let us know who the individual may be. Your comments here containing such information will not be openly published so you can submit any information confidentially.

If you would like to make any other comment below please feel free to do so. If you do not wish your comments to be published openly please say so when you submit it and we will not allow its publication openly on the blog.

See also our Litter Louts Slide Show on the St Peters Highfields Leicester Neighbourhood Website

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