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St Peters Neighbourhood Monitoring, Highfields, LeicesterWith a neighbourhood website at STPETERSNM.COM, St Peters Neighbourhood monitoring has now added a blog to our ever expanding list of digital and online resources.

Why a Blog?

Well, we have chosen to add a blog simply because it offers us increased capability and amplification over and above what our standard website offers.

With a blog we can post articles easier than ever before, even whilst we are out and about in the neighbourhood or also whilst at meetings from our mobile phones. This enables us to get news and information to you our readers faster and more effortlessly.

Because this blog site is a form of social media, users can register and also subscribe to articles via RSS and other widgets in order to get updates pushed directly to you own PC, iPhone or smart phone without you having to physically check each day to new content. That we are sure you will agree is a really useful feature.

Social Media Amplified and Empowered

As long ago as 3 yrs ago as St Peters Neighbourhood Management we recognised the power of digital and social media on the web and even advocated it to other Leicester neighbourhood management boards at that time asking them “Where was their power without using the web?”.

We recognised that by using these new digital tools and practices, small local community and neighbourhood groups could punch well above their weight and amplify their voices on issues that were important to them. Developing this blog is the next logical step in the evolution and development of technology use by St Peters Neighbourhood Monitoring as we have now become.

Since autumn 2009 St Peters Neighbourhood Monitoring has made intensive use of micro blogging on twitter as well as extensive photo social networking via Flickr. Our use of video social networking via YouTube is well known nationwide as a result of our high profile anti littering campaign involving showing litter louts on video on that YouTube channel as well as estate management issues.

Amplified Leicester has Amplified St Peters Neighbourhood Monitoring

We have been keeping a very close eye on the Amplified Leicester project run by Professor Sue Thomas and her team of De Montfort Universities Institute of Creative Technologies and have implemented changes and improvements to our social media use as well as the way we network and interact with peer groups and diverse interested individuals to draw on their knowledge and influence.

Why is digital amplification important?

Well in short it is because it provides massive and powerful leverage that gives small local groups a much bigger voice and presence.

Social media makes it possible for the whole world to hear the voices of these communities even though the local authority has its fingers firmly in its ears. This enables local groups to raise issues and increasingly set the agenda of neighbourhood management and social improvement.

St Peters NM recognise that all organisations have a brand and that by calling into question Leicester City Council’s management of our neighbourhood and that by highlighting the issues very publicly over the social networks we are lowering the value of that brand which is something they will appreciate sooner or later is not something they ought to have happening via the all pervasive and powerful social networks.

In turn this will concentrate minds and deliver service and neighbourhood infrastructure improvements as it already has began to do.

This is practice and strategy is something that St Peters Neighbourhood Monitoring has always recognised and has deliberately embraced innovation in at every turn.

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